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Posted on 13/03/2019

Inspired by Ningbo Dining

Inspired by Ningbo Dining

Highlight the signature Ningbo cuisine - Braised Choy-sum in Ningbo Style, Air-dried Eel with Ningbo Vegetable and Yellow Croaker with preserved Snow Cabbage in Soup. Those ingredients from the origins are also the base of authentic Ningbo dishes and the chef serve it with various cooking methods based on its characteristics, hoping to tantalize your taste buds!

“Kingduck”: 3580 1882

"China House (Tai Po)": 2666 9100

"China House (Mei Foo)": 2266 0022

“The Door Northern Chinese Dining” : 2186 7733

Eat Yunnan; Meet Yunnan

South American Edition - Spicy challenge for daredevils!

Inspired by Ningbo Dining

Chill with friends at Tong's Donuts Paradise Carnival over holidays break!

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