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Posted on 03/05/2019

White Asparagus – The white gold

White Asparagus – The white gold

White asparagus, the royal vegetables, makes a brief appearance in markets because of its short abundance period. It has rich nutritional value and antioxidant properties. We proudly offer you 4 delectable dishes with the 3A-grade German white asparagus with the simplest cooking method to bring out the original sweet and fresh taste! Come and savour this purely white and distinct flavours!

Available at:

King Ludwig German Restaurant 

(Causeway Bay) 25567033

King Ludwig Beerhall

(Stanley) 28990122

(Tsim Sha Tsui East) 23113016

(Hung Shui Kiu) 2477 5000 / 2477 5111


(Mira Place) 24730168

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White Asparagus – The white gold

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