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Posted on 01/05/2020

Seasonal Offer —— Series of Asparagus

Seasonal Offer —— Series of Asparagus

White Asparagus often called the King of Vegetables. It provides rich Vitamins A, C, K and anti-oxidant, perfect for people who want to eat healthily! 

Actually, differences between green asparagus and white asparagus go far beyond the color of the stalks, which is related to their growth. White asparagus will be harvested before its young stem reaches the soil surface and keep the white color without exposes under sunlight.

Planting white asparagus requires extra efforts from the farmers since they need to add sandy soil manually to block the direct sunlight. Moreover, the size of white asparagus defines its price level, the thicker white asparagus grows, the more expensive the price. A nice and thick white asparagus can definitely bring you the finest taste and texture!

Signature dishes are offered, such as (1) Oven Roast Green Asparagus with Crabmeat and Salmon Tarte, (2) Soft Boiled White Asparagus served with Hollandaise Sauce, (3) Lamb Saltimbocca with White Asparagus and Crispy Fried Potato Skin, (4) Vegan Burger Steak with White Asparagus Remoulade Sauce. Let’s come and have a try immediately!

Table reservation, please call:
-    Causeway Bay: 2556 7033 / 2556 7011
-    Stanley: 2899 0122
-    The Mira: 2473 0168

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Seasonal Offer —— Series of Asparagus

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