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Posted on 01/09/2020

Welcome Back.Oktoberfest 2020

Welcome Back.Oktoberfest 2020

It is okay that cannot go traveling this year. Let's stay "Home" Kong & celebrate the Oktoberfest with King Parrot Group!

From now until 15 December, visit our selected branches to enjoy our signature snacks, drinks, and games.

Don’t forget to bring our Beer Passport home too! You can buy it from 8 selected restaurants and 3 online platforms at HK$520 only! Each Beer Passport can redeem 10 classes of 0.5L beer with the following brands:

【Blue Girl】
Jebsen Beer can trace its participation in China's beer industry to 1960, when the company acquired Blue Girl Beer, a German beer brand.By combining a commitment to time-honored brewing traditions, with meticulous quality standards, Jebsen Beer has consistently provided the consumer with a premium beer that delivers superior quality & taste. This foundation has made Blue Girl Beer become one of the most popular premium offerings in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

【Franziskaner Weissbier】
Franziskaner beer is naturally brewed according to the Geman purity law in the Bavarian beer tradition. Using only carefully selected, high-quality ingredients like hops and malt from growing regions in Bavaria, special top-fermented yeast comes from the own pure, and the water from the brewery's own wells.

【Goose Island】
Goose Island Brewery is a brewery in Chicago, Illinois. Goose IPA, Goose Honkers Ale, and Goose 312 Urban Wheat Ale were first listed in Hong Kong in 2016. Goose Island Flagship IPA is a 6-time medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival!

Hoegaarden originated in Belgium. The secret to Hoegaarden's refreshing flavor, captivating aroma, and trademark hazy appearance due to its unique brewing process, adding coriander and orange peel to the beer.

Löwenbräu is the official beer of Oktoberfest in Germany. This all-natural beer is fully balanced with dry but crisp, bitter undertones. It tastes clean, smooth, and perfectly structured. Nowadays it has already become one of the most famous German beer in the world.

【Stella Artois】
Stella Artois was launched initially as a seasonal beer, especially for Christmas. Stella Artois is a type of high-quality bottom-fermented pilsner lager, brewed to perfection using the original Stella Artois yeast and only the best ingredient like the celebrated Saaz hops. The slight bitterness creates a unique taste differentiation versus other premium lagers present in the global market place.

【Suntory The Premium Malt’s】
Suntory Beer Brewery is located in Japan. Suntory believes that foam is what defines beer. They have carefully selected ingredients, quality brewing methods, and time and effort put into the world’s highest quality products, and the result of focusing on quality at the point of consumption is expressed in the foam, such as 100% natural water & 100% premium malt, etc.

A full redemption beer passport can be used as a HK$50 cash voucher at the selected restaurants also!

Let’s buy early to enjoy more!

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*For the business hours of selected restaurants, please kindly contact our branches for the latest info. 

Welcome Back.Oktoberfest 2020

Grab your chance to get the Beer Passport now!

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